Jar Amok ('Jar' - Urdu for Root; 'Amok' - Hebrew for Deep) is a community-based healing and conflict transformation organization in Washington, DC working towards building deep connection and equity, no matter the barrier or obstacle.


Street Seekers seeks to empower people on the street who are facing dire needs connect to citizens and social support systems throughout DC to start their journey towards the life they seek to live.

The Street Seekers fund allows people seeking empowerment to have financial security while navigating the delays in the social support system. 

Thus far the Street Seekers' program and model has supported 4 people from Chapel Hill, NC and Washington, DC successfully from at-risk positions into self-sustaining lives they wish to live.

If you feel called to help in this endeavor, you can donate to our Fund using the button below.

Our site is changing!

In the coming weeks more content about Jar Amok's work and actions – which span 5+ years – will be posted into this platform (see below for a brief description). We are so excited to share more with you!


As a first step during the Covid-19 pandemic, we chose to showcase a bit about Street Seekers. Upcoming will be the model, and how Jar Amok's positioning towards Conflict and Harm Transformation.


Thank you for taking the time to more deeply get to know Jar Amok and Street Seekers!

About the Jar Amok Model

Drawn from the ancestral lineages of its founder, Hasan Bhatti, Jar Amok uses anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practices that weaves conflict transformation best practices and the ancestral cultures of the individuals and organizations involved.


Participants then learn through process how they may transform conflicts, harm, and oppression into the internal, interpersonal, communal, city-wide and systemic change needed for the given situation.